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Class Offerings at POW! Chicago

POW! has been offering amazing classes since 2001. Our kids program is divided into two departments. Martial Arts & Fitness and The Parisi Speed School of Chicago.

Martial Arts & Fitness Classes for Kids

Kids Boxing & Fitness - This class is a non-contact boxing class. It will teach boxing technique, as well as provide the kids with a well-rounded workout. POW incorporates discipline in its teaching model. Boys and girls will enjoy learning about the sport of boxing and their workout will integrate agility training, strength and core work. There is a registration fee that includes wraps, gloves and POW! shirt to be worn as a uniform.

Muay Thai/ Thai Boxing – The sport of muay thai has grown in popularity. It is the national sport of Thailand or the "art of eight limbs." Our kids will learn the foundation of their dynamic sport. This is a non-sparring class that will build their confidence, fitness level and strength. Training in thai boxing will also teach the kids amazing skills that can be used in a self-defense situation. Techniques include punches, kicks, elbows and knees.

Tumbling & Fitness - This class teaches tumbling basics: handstands, forward rolls, backbends, walk-overs and handsprings. The goal is to use tumbling fundamentals to build core and relative body strength. POW! is great at using movement to build a kid's confidence. This class is also going to integrate general fitness skills like squats, push ups, jump rope and core exercises. Class takes place in our matted studio where we have crash mats and tumbling specific safety equipment. The goal is to use gymnastics and the marvelous strength it builds to make our kids more fit and confident. This class will include general fitness training.

Total Conditioning - The Youth Total Conditioning Program is designed to get kids off of the sofa, off of electronics and into having physical fun and getting fit. The program develops good exercise habits and awareness of nutrition, as well as addressing "off-the-field" challenges facing kids today. Parisi Youth Total Conditioning uses fun and exciting modalities like medicine balls, resistance bands, ladders, plyometrics and yoga. We also incorporate Parisi's speed training methods and the latest in performance and strength training to make this program come alive and produce quick results, keeping youth returning for more.

Olympic Youth - Judo was first inducted in the Olympics in 1964. It is a traditional Japanese martial art that builds confidence and discipline. It is a brilliant system and art for a child to learn. It not only exposes them to everything positive the martial arts has to offer, but gives them experience with a highly organized sport where they learn to compete on behalf of themselves, while still representing a team. It is a point-based sport that holds the safety of the child in the highest regards. It teaches, throwing, falling, takedowns and grappling. Classes will also include rigorous conditioning and self-awareness through positive partner drills and leadership.

The Parisi Speed School

Jump Start – These classes are focused on the younger kids from 7-12 years old. It is a small group class that teaches the foundation of speed, agility, flexibility and overall coordination.

Total Performance- These small group classes are focused on athletes from 13-18 years old. This small group class corrects, builds and then enhances technique for speed, agility and strength. These young athletes experience a training regiment that will maximize their sports performance. Classes are able to scale to the range of abilities and these young athletes are also taught the training etiquette. Once again we teach skills that are life-long.

PEAK (Parisi Elite Athletic Knowledge) - This shared-private training session focuses on the elite youth athlete. It offers individualized coaching and caters to each athlete’s specific needs, goals and areas of improvement. The competitive goals of the child are kept in clear focus.


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