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POW! Kids offers Birthday Parties that are lead by instructors with extensive experience in a variety of youth specific programming and/or education. All parties are 2 hours of curriculum driven activities. They are not an open play format. The theme-specifc training drills used during our birthday parties are designed and written by Owner Katalin Ogren and her staff. The POW! Kids staff collaborates to create the most dynamic and exciting active classes that make kids feel like they could train to be a superhero, a mighty ninja, a world-class athlete or America’s next secret agent. Our instructors lead the party from start to finish offering structured training throughout the 2-hour period of time. Choose from one of our most popular themes:

Our Birthday Parties Are Complete With Hands-On Instruction

Athletic Play (ideal for ages 3-8):

This is our base theme. The instructors will create organized games such as relays, obstacle courses, speed and agility and other athletic training for the kids. Kids will train on our 33-yard indoor track and inside our matted studio. Kids will participate in three 20-30 minute training classes within the 2-hour period of time.

SuperHero Training (ideal for ages 3-8):

This is POW! Kids’s signature party theme. Becoming a Superhero is such a great dream. POW! Kids wants to help make this dream come true. Once your child steps onto the POW! floor, they are more extraordinary, powerful and heroic! The instructor led curriculum will allow the children to dress up with capes and accessories during the party to facilitate their imagination. Kids can dress up or use our capes for training. Kids will train some of the most important physical skills. Our staff arrives prepared to capture your kid’s attention with an array of SUPER drills.

Ninja Training (ideal for ages 5-8):

The goal of this experience is to make each child feel like they could become a legendary character that moves quickly, skillfully, and accurately. Our exercises are designed to emphasize the hard work of a ninja’s training while encouraging them to work as a team on their various missions. Whether your child is drawn to ninjas because Teenage Ninja Turtles, Leonardo and Raphael make them laugh, or they are mesmerized by the Master Spinjitzu, our ninja birthday theme is another signature experience at POW! Kids.

Boxing / Martial Arts (ideal for ages 7-12):

These themes will teach the foundation and fundamentals of the sport. In boxing, the kids will get a chance to hit the heavy bags, learn basic combinations and move around in the ring. The Martial Arts class will cater to their level of coordination and physical abilities. Both of these themes include athletic training and activities that require the kids to work as a team and enhance their overall coordination.

Ninja Warrior Training Skills (ideal for ages 8-11):

If your child climbs walls in your house and treats your sofa like a trampoline, this theme is a good fit. This theme will be comprised of three mini training sessions that focus on building some of the skills seen on the American Ninja Warrior show. They are then built into an obstacle course that reflects their training and abilities. This class is very active. 18 Kid Max.

Nerf Skills & Games (ideal for ages 8-11):

Combines nerf shooting skill exercises, nerf drills, and agility and athletic training. Children are engaged in a series of training exercises that test their aim, accuracy, and coordination. Instructors lead a class where each child uses the same style nerf gun. Guns are provided by POW! Kids to each child. 18 Kid Max.

Sports Combine (ideal for ages 8-14):

If you are looking for something amazing for a group of athletically wired kids - choose this theme. This event will begin with an awesome workout. Then, they will divide the kids into smaller groups to test their athletic IQ with events like the 10-yard dash, vertical jump, power push up test and even the broad jump. Kids will participate on 3 events. Coaches will also teach proper technique. 18 Kid Max.

Strength & Conditioning (ideal for ages 9-14):

This theme is for kids that love fitness and relish in the challenges of pushups, pull-up, and squats. The goal is to teach a fun fitness class that brings out the athlete in every kid. Even if you child and their guests play different sports, they will par-take in a Parisi Speed School workout that will focus on team work, team drills, challenges and an overall amazing workout. 18 Kid Max.

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