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POW! Kids Chicago offers Youth Camps for All Occasions

We're proud to offer you our exciting POW! Kids Camps all year long with everything from traditional week-long Summer Camps to single-day options and even Winter Camps!

Our camps in the West Loop are jam-packed with exciting activities for kids of all ages to enjoy and we're happy to offer POW! Kids members a discount for all of our camps. If you have been searching for the best activity for your child, this is it!

Build Your Child's Athleticism With The Best Summer Camps In West Loop, Chicago - Register For Our Chicago Weeklong Summer Camps This Year! 

This is the perfect camp for the young athlete. Our weeklong Summer Camps are great for students ages 7-15 and are focused on building the athlete as a whole. We will play a wide array of fitness games and teach the kids about fitness and healthy living concepts.

Aside from following Parisi’s Signature Training Program, we will invest time in enhancing each child’s:

  • Character
  • Athletic intellect
  • And Leadership skills

Weeklong Summer Camps at POW! Kids will be held Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. You can purchase single days by reaching out to us directly at

Weeklong Summer Camp dates include:

*Register by clicking the camp links above!

Kids must come prepared each day with lunch, snacks, water bottle and appropriately dressed for outdoor training.

If you have a promo code, you may apply it during checkout. If you are registering multiple children, we offer sibling discounts. We must apply the sibling discount of 10% in our office. Contact us directly via email Only one discount may be applied. 

    Summer Camp themes include:

    Nerf Drills & Conditioning (Ages 8-12): 

    POW! Camps are filled with active fun. We find a way to keep kids moving. We lead several structured movement classes each day that combine running, jumping, agility training and more. During our Nerf Skills week, we will incorporate a couple nerf shooting skills events along with our signature conditioning training. Examples of this is running and shooting targets. Although we offer a single shot nerf gun for use, kids are allowed to bring their own nerf gun and ammo. Some of these skills events will occur inside and others may be at Mercy Soccer Field. POW! offers goggles for all battles.

    Aside from the daily nerf events, the kids will still participate in art and reading. Our program is structured and we make sure the kids get the right balance of physical activity, structured play, downtime and rest. Kids will be divided into teams throughout the day. We also take field trips to the park.;

    Sports Conditioning Camp (Ages 7-8 AND 9-12): 

    POW! is known for keeping kids active. This camp will take elements from the Fit Kid Camp and Parisi Sports Performance Camp and blend them together. It will not be as technical and physically demanding as the Parisi Sports Performance Camp, however it will give the kids more conditioning application. We will give the kids choices of sports to play like volleyball or basketball. They will take part in age-appropriate strength training, yoga, running drills and circuit training. We will also highlight different sports and our art and writing assignments will center around sports.

    Martial Arts & Fight Choreography (Ages 8-12): 

    Camps at POW! are first and foremost - A BLAST!! We make everything fun and dynamic. POW!’s week-long martial arts summer camp is a unique training experience that will build confidence and teach valuable skills. The goal is to give the kids exposure to a wide range of martial arts techniques and even expose them to the art form of fight scene choreography.

    Kids will take classes in boxing, muay thai, self-defense, judo, tumbling, falling and stage combat. We will also teach the children about martial arts history and offer various art assignments and creative writing assignments. Our goal is that the children leave with a better understanding of how to become a disciplined person with excellent mental focus. Most of the martial arts at POW! focuses on the functional application of self-defense. This week-long camp will also improve your child’s fitness level and overall coordination.

    The primary focus of this week-long camp is to give the kids a unique training experience using the martial arts. We will spend a couple sessions over the differentiating between defenses that apply to a bullying situation on school property and those that happen in an uncontrolled environment. We will also discuss bullying and help kids to better understand how to respond when someone is mean verse bullying them.

    Parisi Speed & Sports Conditioning Camp (Ages 11-15): 

    The goal of this camp is to build the athlete as a whole. Aside from following Parisi’s Signature training program, we will invest time in enhancing each child’s character, athletic intellect, and leadership skills. Camp week will be filled with athletic training, education in anatomy and physiology, athletic testing and yoga. Training is never just about the workout, it's about understanding why and how to move the body, and how to keep it performing at its best. Our athletes with enjoy 3 structured workouts a day, begin and end the week with athletic testing, and learn the recovery techniques necessary to maintain optimal performance.

    Take Advantage Of Our One-Day, No School Camps

    POW! Kids offer active Fit Kid One-Day Camps. These day-camps are held on days when the Chicago Public Schools are closed, including federal holidays, report-card pickups, and even strikes.

    Upcoming One-Day Camp dates include:

    *Register by clicking the camp links above!

    We ask that students come to our One-Day Camp with lunch, snacks, and a water bottle, plus homework, gym shoes, and even a book, if they want. No electronic devices, please!

    If you have a promo code, you may apply it during checkout. If you are registering multiple children, we offer sibling discounts. We must apply the sibling discount of 10% in our office. Contact us directly via email Only one discount may be applied. 

    Or Check Out Our Exciting Spring Break Training Clinics!

    Instead of having a Spring Break Camp this year, we are offering specific Parisi Speed School Training Clinics:

    Advanced Speed Training Clinic for Youth Athletes, Ages 11 and older

    • Thursday, March 29th AND Friday, March 30th
    • 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm
    • $49 per clinic

    We will choose 2 or 3 clinics based on feedback. Options include:

    • Nutrition, Meal Planning, and Food Prep
    • Jump Clinic and Vertical Jump Development
    • Fundamentals of Powerlifting and Program Design

    POW! Kids Camp Policies (Please Read Carefully):

    • Siblings receive a 10% discount when attending the same camp, must contact us to receive this discount.
    • Missed camp days are NOT applied forward to another day or week. There are no makeup camp days.
    • There are NO REFUNDS for Early bird or sale prices for camps. No Exceptions.
    • No discounts can be applied retroactively once camps are purchased.
    • Regular price camps can receive a 50% refund with a 7-day notice.

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