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Most common questions asked about kid's birthday parties at POW! Kids in the West Loop


These questions below should answer most questions a parent would have about our birthday parties.  These FAQs represent our policies as of January 2018.


How do I pay for my party?  

A $150 deposit will be due at booking to secure your date. We will keep

your credit card on file and run the final payment 10 days before your event.  

If you need to change payment methods, contact us before the final payment

is due. This includes changes you are making to the theme or the addition of

more kids. Any time overages will be charged to the credit card on file after 

your birthday party.  If there are more than 15 kids, we charge $20 per child

over 15 children.  This final head count is verified by POW! staff on the day 

of the party kids and the additional charge is made with 48 hours after your

party has ended.



What if my guest count changes prior to the party?  

You can make changes to your contract up to 10-days before your party

date.  You will be charged for the balance owed 10-days prior to your party

date.  The number of kids indicated on your contract is the number we use

for planning your party curriculum.  For example, if you write on your

contract Superhero theme, 20-24 kids,  we will create programming that

accommodates 24 children with our creative training drills.  You will be

charged only for the number of additional children over 15 that attend the

party.  We charge $20.00 a child after 15 kids. 

For example, if you expected 20 kids and only 17 attend your party,

you will be charged for 2 additional kids the day of the party.  




What if I need to cancel my party?

Your party may be canceled up to 14 days prior to your event for a full refund. You will be refunded your $150 deposit, 14+ days before your event of you cancel.  If it is canceled 13 days or less, you will NOT receive a refund on your deposit, but you will not be responsible for paying the remaining balance.



Can my party be longer than 2 hours?  

No.  We have found that 2 hours is a perfect amount of time for the

curriculum structure along with the children’s energy and attention span.

Since we book birthday parties back to back- we can not extend your party

time.   A $75 fee will be automatically be charged if you remain on our

space 30 minutes after your party has ended.



Will I be able to speak with the instructors before my party?  

Yes.  You will be assigned a lead instructor who will contact you 2-4 days

prior to your event.  The goal is for your lead instructor to learn more about

your awesome child.  This is a great time to ask more specific questions. 

You will also be communicating with our administrative staff one week

leading up to your event to discuss details and final head count.  Your lead

instructor does not manage any details related to finances. 



Can we take photos?  

Of course-in fact, we insist!  Our instructors are great at coordinating group

photos and great shots for you. Please ask our staff to help coordinate

pictures, so parents are not interrupting our classes or walking through our

training space and the classes we are leading. 



Can I Can I refrigerate food?  
Yes, if it fits in our mini-frig.



What type of utensils/paper products should I bring? 

We have knives and servers for your cake. You will need plates, table

clothes, napkins, cups and eating utensils.  We have a small refrigerator in

our lounge that you may use.  



Can we have the party catered or make our own food?

Yes, you are welcome to bring food from anywhere.  You may also bring

your own beverages.  We are also happy to offer suggestions, but we do not

provide any food service.  All food and  beverages must be kept off our 

track/turf, out of our studio and off of our equipment.  We will automatically

charge $50 if food or beverages are spilled on our turf or

mats.  Please communicate with your guests to respect our space and the

pride we take in keeping it clean.  



Are there items we should avoid bringing?

Please do not bring glass or ceramic plates, cups and bowls.  If these break and shatter in our space - we have to immediately shut down the area and our staff will have to stop their programming to tend to the clean up.  This is critical since children and members often train with out shoes in our space.



Can I put up decorations?
We prefer that decorations are not hung on our walls.  We do not allow anything to be taped to our walls.  Balloons are great additions.  If you love balloons, we suggest two arrangements, 1. for the front door, and 2. for the cake table or gift bag table.  Our space has high ceilings so balloons get lost in our space.    I do not suggest balloons on the table with the food and beverages as they often cause items to be knocked off the table.



Where are the birthday parties held?

We are a martial arts school and a fitness gym.  Our parties are held on our training floors.  One area is covered in turf and our training studio has a matted floor.   Children will not be running freely throughout the gym and none of the equipment may be used by any guests during the party.  We keep the kids that are guests of the birthday party engaged in various physical games and drills in these two main training areas.



Where do the children eat?  
In rear of the gym is an open training floor.  We have tables and chairs for the kids.  Otherwise, many parties have the kids eat on the floor.  We ask that the parents hand the children their food. Our instructors will not know details about allergies and dietary restrictions of your guests.   Our staff will assist, but we ask that the host and parent guests choose the food that is placed on the kids’ plates. 



Where should we park? 
There is a lot of street parking on Racine.  We also offer free parking in the lot behind our building.  This lot is shared with the Life Storage Building. It’s access is off of Jackson Blvd.  Then, your guests would walk around the block from Jackson, down Racine.  




Can I bring a piñata?

No, we do not hang piñatas in our space.



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