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Speed and Strength Go Hand in Hand


Speed is key to being successful in any sport. Think about it?  Can you think of any sports where speed is not needed?  If you want to make your young athlete faster, you must make them stronger.  Strength training is how you get stronger.   John Cronin, Teresa Ogden, Trent Lawton, and Matt Brughelli conducted a study that explored the question,   Does Increasing Maximal Strength Improve Sprint Running Performance? The aim of the study was to review whether strength training had any effect on speed improvement. 


The participants in the study were males between 19-24 years old.  They were over  7-13 weeks, with a minimum of 2-3x workouts per week. The most significant results that support that value of strength training for kids was that 8 groups reported significant changes in both measures of speed and strength. The Parisi Speed School of Chicago includes a relevant and appropriate strength training design.  Our evaluation process gives us critical information to also design strength training programs for kids.  We use this information and the mechanical abilities they demonstrate in classes like linear speed and change of direction to choose the best exercises for kids.  Our goal is to  focus on the speed, strength, and agility.  It is the enhancement of all three of these elements along with mobility that improves an athlete’s ‘IQ.’ 


by Tiarra McGee 



Cronin, John; Ogden, Teresa; Lawton, Trent; Brughelli, Matt. Strength and Conditioning Journal; Lawrence 29.3  (Jun 2007): 86-95.


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