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It is understandable that parents are nervous to allow their kids to strength train. Strength training for kids can make a big difference in improving their sports skill sets and preventing injuries. The most important thing to remember is that kids need to be supervised and taught how to properly strength train like any other skill.

At POW! Kids and The Chicago Parisi Speed School, we offer strength training for kids starting at age 7 years old. Our focus begins on teaching correct movement mechanics with body weight exercises like push ups, chin ups, squats and step ups. Kids can safely build strength as long as they are being lead by professional coaches qualified to guide them through their strength training workouts. Here is a great story on this topic.

Many parents question if strength training is appropriate and safe for their children. Rest assured, a well-designed resistance training program is not only harmless for pre-adolescent and adolescent children, but it can provide tremendous health, wellness and sports performance benefits. Strength training and conditioning can help kids who've been sidelined with an injury get back on track, and prevent injuries for those on the field.

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