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Take a look at our facility. POW! is a gym and martial arts school. We offer youth classes that take place in our studio, boxing area and track. Our birthday parties utilize the studio, lounge, track and boxing area. Our programming for the kids takes place in the studio and on the track. The weight area is not utilized in any part of our programming. Our boxing area is where tables and chairs are set up with food. Guests and parents are welcome to hang out in the lounge or the boxing area where the food and tables are placed.

The adult guests are not allow to workout while their kids are in the birthday party. However, you are welcome to get a hydromassage. Our hydromassage bed (pictured below) offers 10 minutes sessions and cost $10.00. If you would like to purchase a block of sessions for your adult guests let us know and we can offer a flat group rate. Rates range between $30-$7- depending on the number of sessions you would like offer your guests.

Since our birthday parties are instructor led the children are always part of a training class. We often divide the group of kids up into groups so we can squeeze more fun into your 2 hour party. We will have areas that are KID-ZONES and prefer that the parents are not in the training area while the kids are taking their classes.

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