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This is POW!’s signature party theme. Becoming a Superhero is such a great dream. POW! can make this dream come true! Once your child steps onto the POW! floor, they are more extraordinary, powerful and heroic! The instructor led curriculum will allow the children to dress up with capes and accessories during the party to facilitate their imagination. Their capes possess a wide range of powers and abilities. During this 2-hour party, your child and guests will train to become Superheroes. The identity they choose will give them powers and we will help them perform special feats. They will use their powers to solve problems, tackle obstacles and work as a team while they try to outsmart the bad guys. Our staff arrives prepared to capture your child’s attention and lead them through an array of physical training drills that are suited for their gross motor skill sets. Once their training is done and the Superheroes are worn out, they will retreat to their headquarters (the boxing area) to replenish their bodies with birthday cake! Here is a look at one of our recent parties - the parents did a great job rallying their family to even dress up.

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