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Many children will tell you that they want to save the world and fight off bad guys like Superman. Some may even say they want to become a Queen like Elsa and Anna. Children are star struck by fantasy characters for more than just their appearances. Children admire these types of characters not because they are cute, handsome or beautiful, but also because of their abilities, their morals and their passion.

I personally say that I wanted to become a mermaid like princess Ariel when I was a little girl. She made me believe that I could do anything I set my mind to it. However, my dream did come to an end when my mother explained to me that mermaids are mythical creatures. I came to terms understanding that I would not become a mermaid anytime soon. As I became older, I still admired Ariel's passion, determination and overall personality. I still love her character as a grown-up.

Not all parent see imaginative characters as useful figures for their kids. I believe they serve a higher purpose in developing the fundamentals and courage that shape us as adults. Katalin Ogren, owner of Pow! Gym Chicago and Parisi Speed School, wrote a great blog called “ Why I still believe in Superheroes at 42 years old” where she express her support of Superheroism.

In her Blog, Katalin pinpoints the purpose of a superhero and how they teach children:


  • Morals
  • Respect
  • Courage
  • Learn right from wrong
  • Equality
  • Awareness
  • A recent article from KidsHealth called “ The Magic of Play:How it Inspires & Aids Early Development”, discusses about the importance of imaginative play time through their superheroes and princesses conduct critical thinking that inspire:

  • Problem solving
  • Decision makers
  • Creative writing
  • Grasp more Complex Ideas
  • Maturity
  • I believe that fictional characters are great way to help children understand the world around them as well as the ability to find themselves within these characters. Children's imagination is what builds the foundation to their future selves.

    by Judy Zamora, POW! Gym Intern

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