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  • Kids Fitness and Boxing in West Loop - POW! Kids - West Loop Kids Classes

    West Loop Kids Classes

    Check out POW! Gym Chicago's amazing youth and fitness program. We offer 50 classes a week for kids. Our west loop kids program also offers camps and events. The schedule for the Parisi Sports Performance is not below.

    Classes for Kids Age 4 to 6 years
    Mondays • 4:15-5:15pm, Olympic Judo, Requires Judo Gi Tuesdays • 4:00-4:45pm, Tumbling & Fitness • 4:45pm-5:30pm , Youth Boxing & Fitness MUST BE
    6 yrs old, Requires wraps & gloves Wednesdays • 4:00-4:45pm, Pee Wee Judo & Tumbling, Requires Judo Gi Thursdays • 4:00-4:45pm, POW’s Parisi Pee-Wees ( Fun Fitness & Sports Agility) Saturdays ....

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  • Kids Fitness and Boxing in West Loop - POW! Kids - 5 Benefits of Superhero Training at POW! Kids Chicago

    5 Benefits of Superhero Training at POW! Kids Chicago

    5 Benefits of Superhero Training at POW! Kids Chicago
    by Ashlynn Elliot Working at a gym with such an amazing kids program definitely requires a tremendous amount of energy and focus; but also gifts some of the most rewarding moments. Each day is different and exciting, which is why my creativity fits in perfectly here at POW! Kids Chicago. My favorite part of the week is teaching Superhero Training class on Sunday mornings for kids ages 3-6. The hour-long class is always filled with movement and missions that are fun and entertaining. Some might call it organized chaos. I’ve taught many sessions of this course in the past year and here are some of the benefits of ....

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  • Kids Fitness and Boxing in West Loop - POW! Kids - West Loop Kid's Birthday Parties at POW!

    West Loop Kid's Birthday Parties at POW!

    Most common questions asked about kid's birthday parties at POW! Kids in the West Loop

    These questions below should answer most questions a parent would have about our birthday parties. These FAQs represent our policies as of January 2018.

    How do I pay for my party?
    A $150 deposit will be due at booking to secure your date. We will keep your credit card on file and run the final payment 10 days before your event. If you need to change payment methods, contact us before the final payment is due. This includes changes you are making to the theme or the addition of more kids. Any time overages will be charged to the credit card on file after your birthday party.If there ....

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  • Kids Fitness and Boxing in West Loop - POW! Kids - 5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Strength Train Blog Post

    5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Strength Train Blog Post

    There has been a negative view on resistance and strength training for youth and adolescents. Many parents cringe at the thought, but do not realize their children are doing resistance training in some form everyday. Each time they pick up their backpack, or bags of groceries they are resistance training. According the the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, the term resistance training refers to, ‘ a specialized method of conditioning, which involves the progressive use of a wide range of resistive loads and a variety of training modalities designed to enhance health, fitness, and sports performance ( 2009 ).’ The information below is provided by The Journal of ....

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  • Watch a Video on All Our POW! Kids Programs

    Since 2001 POW! has been offering unique and dynamic classes. Our Jackson and Racine location has 50 classes a week for kids starting at 4 years old. Take a look at all our kids classes and see them broken down by age. ....

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  • Kids Fitness and Boxing in West Loop - POW! Kids - 5 Tips for Learning a Cartwheel

    5 Tips for Learning a Cartwheel

    5 Tips for Cartwheels
    I recently spent a weekend with my nieces. Three minutes after my arrival it was time for cartwheels. I haven’t done so many cartwheels since I was a cheerleader in high school! Somewhere in the beginning of our weekend of cartwheels, I had a flash back to myself at the same age in one of my first tumbling classes. After class, we practiced our cartwheels in the outfield where the Little League teams practiced. This amazing positive memory - is one I want to give to other kids. Cartwheels are a brilliant way to have fun, develop relative body strength and confidence. My nieces, have not had the chance to take a tumbling class. So I decided to ....

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  • Kids Fitness and Boxing in West Loop - POW! Kids - To Be Faster, You Need to Be Stronger

    To Be Faster, You Need to Be Stronger

    Speed and Strength Go Hand in Hand
    Speed is key to being successful in any sport. Think about it? Can you think of any sports where speed is not needed? If you want to make your young athlete faster, you must make them stronger. Strength training is how you get stronger. John Cronin, Teresa Ogden, Trent Lawton, and Matt Brughelli conducted a study that explored the question, Does Increasing Maximal Strength Improve Sprint Running Performance? The aim of the study was to review whether strength training had any effect on speed improvement. The participants in the study were males between 19-24 years old. They were over 7-13 weeks, with a minimum of 2-3x ....

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  • Kids Fitness and Boxing in West Loop - POW! Kids - New West Loop Judo Coach

    New West Loop Judo Coach

    POW! is very excited to welcome Kasia Lapinska Jablonski to our staff. Kasia is an honored member of the Polish Judo Federation and USA Judo Federation. She is a 2nd degree black belt in Judo. In 1998, she was the National Champion of Poland. She believes that martial arts teaches self-control, patience and confidence. Since 2006, Kasia has been an active Judo coach and fitness instructor. In Poland, assisted with coaching the National Polish Judo Team and acquired a Masters Degree in Physical Education. Before coming to the United States with her family in 2013, she worked in schools teaches P.E. Since coming to Chicago she has raised her family and learned English. Aside from ....

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  • POW! Kids Fitness for 4 to 7 year olds.

    POW! kids believes that even pee wees need guidance on running and jumping. This class allows children between the ages of 4 to 7 years old to learn basic athletic movements. Our Pee Wee Parisi class makes training fun using games to teach key athletic movement. We believe that kids will become more confident if they can move and control their bodies. This is the foundation for being active for the rest of their life. ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts and Kids Fitness Classes in West Loop!

    Check out our new website for POW! Kids!
    We proudly serve the West Loop, Wicker Park, and Bucktown areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Kids Martial Arts, Kids Fitness Classes, Boxing and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click here to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Google+ Twitter Instagram ....

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  • Kids Fitness and Boxing in West Loop - POW! Kids - Back to School Check Lists

    Back to School Check Lists

    Most schools give various check lists at the end of the school year, or you can download them off the school website. I find it overwhelming to buy, organize and deliver everything on the lists for 3 kids on the first day of school. Although I want to support my school and make sure my kids feel prepared, I divide the items they need into two basic categories. Things they need to begin school and items that are meant to be used throughout the school year (i.e. classroom donation). I focus first on their school supplies. I prefer to bring the remaining classroom items sometime in the fall. I also only buy the things they need to begin school. For example, they don’t need 100 pencils ....

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  • West Loop Summer Camp at POW

    Our camps have been filled with a wide selection of activities. Although all of our camps are active and include several workout classes, we have had a blast so far with our games and assignments. POW! Kids camps are very structured and stick to a schedule. Below is a look at some of our campers and our scheduled days. ....

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  • Superheros Teach Kids Lessons

    Many children will tell you that they want to save the world and fight off bad guys like Superman. Some may even say they want to become a Queen like Elsa and Anna. Children are star struck by fantasy characters for more than just their appearances. Children admire these types of characters not because they are cute, handsome or beautiful, but also because of their abilities, their morals and their passion. I personally say that I wanted to become a mermaid like princess Ariel when I was a little girl. She made me believe that I could do anything I set my mind to it. However, my dream did come to an end when my mother explained to me that mermaids are mythical creatures. I came to terms ....

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  • Superhero Birthday Parties at POW!

    This is POW!’s signature party theme. Becoming a Superhero is such a great dream. POW! can make this dream come true! Once your child steps onto the POW! floor, they are more extraordinary, powerful and heroic! The instructor led curriculum will allow the children to dress up with capes and accessories during the party to facilitate their imagination. Their capes possess a wide range of powers and abilities. During this 2-hour party, your child and guests will train to become Superheroes. The identity they choose will give them powers and we will help them perform special feats. They will use their powers to solve problems, tackle obstacles and work as a team while they try to ....

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  • Inside Our West Loop Birthday Parties

    Take a look at our facility. POW! is a gym and martial arts school. We offer youth classes that take place in our studio, boxing area and track. Our birthday parties utilize the studio, lounge, track and boxing area. Our programming for the kids takes place in the studio and on the track. The weight area is not utilized in any part of our programming. Our boxing area is where tables and chairs are set up with food. Guests and parents are welcome to hang out in the lounge or the boxing area where the food and tables are placed. The adult guests are not allow to workout while their kids are in the birthday party. However, you are welcome to get a hydromassage. Our hydromassage bed (pictured ....

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  • A look at POW! Gym's Open House West Loop Party

    We recently celebrated our 16 year anniversary. This year we invited the West Loop neighborhood to come and enjoy a Sunday filled with food, vendors, classes, video games and training. Our event had Mathnasium on site along with Freshii - a neighborhood favorite. We offered classes for all ages including Superhero Training , Martial Arts for Kids, Parisi Speed Drills, Fitness Games and Tumbling. We are very grateful to Galloping Ghost Arcade that brought in Mortal Kombat 2, Qbert, Captain America and Rampage for the parents and adults to play. In addition, Daniel Pesina and Philip Ahn - cast-mates of Owner, Katalin Ogren form Mortal Kombat came and signed autographs for the kids. Cielo ....

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  • West Loop Family Event- POW! Gym Open House

    The POW! Gym has been in the west loop since 2001. The first to open up in this trendy neighborhood, has grown into a boutique gym that offers adults and kids 45+ classes a week in martial arts, fitness, self defense, boxing and sports performance. Owner Katalin Ogre, invites anyone to stop a family friendly event on Sunday, May 21st form 10:30am to 1:30pm. This West Loop Family Event will offer classes for children of all ages (see schedule below). POW! Gym will offer a live DJ, snacks, face painting, raffle prizes, local vendors. Even some of the cast members from Mortal Kombat will be onsite to help promote POW!'s programs. ....

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  • Youth Hydration Guide

    The importance of hydration for good health and properly functioning body systems cannot be overstated, especially for the young athlete. According to researcher Dr. Susan Yeargin from the University of South Carolina, up to 75 percent of young athletes aged eight to 18 are dehydrated before they even arrive at practice. And because most athletes are only replenishing 2/3 of the water they lose after competition, they are in danger of consequences that include heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Hydration plays a major role in the health of the young athlete, which is why Cisco Athletic created this guide on how much of a sports drink or water the youth athlete should consume. You can view the ....

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  • Chicago's Best Team Training for Youth Athletes

    Another revolutionary approach from Bill Parisi. PM4 is the TEAM TRAINING program offered by the Parisi Speed School. It incorporates four fundamental and essential elements that are proven to be game-changers for coaches who are serious about team training, reducing the chance of injury, reaching their physical potential, all while building confidence and bolstering team unity. Aside from immediate results, coaches can expect the PM4 program to mitigate injuries and identify weaknesses. By addressing weaknesses and tailoring training to your athletes, you will see improvements in their overall conditioning, as well as attitude. The Parisi Speed School is dedicated to building the ....

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  • Best Summer Camp Deal in the West Loop

    Best Summer Camp Deal in the West Loop, Deadline Coming Up If you are looking for an affordable summer camp program that accommodates your work schedule, POW! ‘s camps are an amazing deal. Here is what you need to know about POW!’s summer camps. 1. They are very active and structured. 2. Activities are all instructor led. 3. We do not allow kids to be on technology (expect during lunch time and during pick ups). 4. We include outdoor play and active games. We visit Skinner, Bartolme and Sheridan Parks). 5. We do walking field trips once a week to other west loop businesses. 6. We do 1-2 art, reading and writing assignments each day. 7. Camps are Monday through Friday ....

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  • Parisi Speed School of Chicago on WGN

    Take a look at some of our athletes on WGN's Around Town with Ana Belaval. These young athletes got a chance to showcase some of the skills they train regularly at Chicago Parisi Speed School located inside of POW! at 310 S. Racine in the West Loop. Chicago Parisi Speed School on WGN The Parisi Speed School of Chicago is located inside of the The Gym at 310 S Racine. Since 2001, POW! has been offering dynamic classes for adults and kids. Today, their full sports performance program is the premier place for a child to train to go from good to great. ....

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  • Kid's Martial Arts & Self-Defense Summer Camp

    West Loop Summer Camps at POW! Gym are Unique Martial Arts and Self-Defense Camp for Kids, Ages 8 to 14 years, Mon-Fri. 8am to 5pm Camps at POW! are first and foremost - A BLAST!! We make everything fun and dynamic. POW!’s week long self-defense and martial arts summer camp is a unique training experience that will build confidence and teach valuable skills. The goal is to give a wide exposure to martial arts techniques through boxing, muay thai, self-defense and judo training classes. Kids will also participate in conditioning and flexibility classes. We will also teach the children about martial arts history and offer various art assignments and creative writing assignments. ....

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  • Kids Fitness and Boxing in West Loop - POW! Kids - POW! Movie Night

    POW! Movie Night

    One of our favorite things to do is create PARENT PERKS! Enjoy a Saturday night dinner date without your kids. Check out one of the West Loop’s newest restaurants or enjoy a quiet night at home. Leave your child at POW!, located at 310 S Racine, 1st floor, for a Saturday night of fun! The evening will begin with a workout at 6pm. Around 6:45pm we will provide dinner for your child and finish up with a movie and snacks. Please send a water bottle for your child. All early bird and sibling discounts must be applied manually so please call or email us directly if you qualify for a discount. This movie night will feature an animation rated for all audiences. EVENT DETAILS:
    6PM ....

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  • Kids Fitness and Boxing in West Loop - POW! Kids - Strength Training For Kids

    Strength Training For Kids

    It is understandable that parents are nervous to allow their kids to strength train. Strength training for kids can make a big difference in improving their sports skill sets and preventing injuries. The most important thing to remember is that kids need to be supervised and taught how to properly strength train like any other skill. At POW! Kids and The Chicago Parisi Speed School, we offer strength training for kids starting at age 7 years old. Our focus begins on teaching correct movement mechanics with body weight exercises like push ups, chin ups, squats and step ups. Kids can safely build strength as long as they are being lead by professional coaches qualified to guide them ....

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