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Katalin Ogren in West Loop - POW! Kids

Katalin Ogren

POW! is the culmination of my life since the age of 9. With 37+ years in the martial arts and now 20+ years in the fitness industry, I have developed a pedigree that represents accomplishments in the martial arts and fitness industry that has not been replicated. I am disciplined, focused, decisive and kind. Some of my key career highlights include earning 4 blacks in various martial arts, starring in 17 dvds, completing a 100 city speaking tour across America, authoring 4 industry educational manuals, publishing over 200 articles in national magazines, writing one book and playing the role of three characters in one of the largest selling video games in history (Mortal Kombat II).

I am very active in the West Loop community and love creating amazing programs for both our adults and youth members.  I am a certified trainer and National Parisi Speed Coach.  I remain active in all areas of my business.  You can learn more about me by reading Our Story on the navigation bar.  I can be reached at

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