Chicagoans Have Loved Training At POW! Since 2001

We build confidence through our boxing, self-defense, fitness, muay thai, judo, speed & sports performance classes. We proudly serve the West Loop, Wicker Park, and surrounding Chicago areas!

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POW! Kids

Dynamic Youth Training Right Here In West Loop

POW! Kids offers classes for kids that build strength, confidence, and skills. Our programs are fitness driven and offer a safe training environment to learn martial arts, boxing, self-defense, and athleticism. We believe strongly in the power of confidence in young children and we work daily to instill that confidence through martial arts and fitness training. We are also proud to offer multiple birthday party themes that are interactive and intimate. Our style of instruction is engaging and motivating. POW!’s community has been around since 2001, offering a contagious energy that is present in all of our classes. We cherish the relationships we build with our young students and their families and we can’t wait for you to come aboard!

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Youth / Teen Fitness & Martial Arts

POW! Kids is the best youth gym in Chicago. We offer motivating classes for kids ages 4 to 17 years old. Classes are divided by age group. Our West Loop facility offers Judo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Self-Defense, Fitness and Conditioning. We work hard to bring specialized instruction with individual attention to every young person we train.


Parisi Speed School of Chicago

The Parisi Speed School is the #1 youth sports performance program in the country. If your child is athletically ambitious - we will make them faster and stronger! We offer small group results-driven classes for kids ages 7 to 22 years old. We also train youth sports teams. Our West Loop location offers free parking.


Birthday Parties

POW! Kids is known for their 2-hour theme-based, active birthday party experience. Our parties include 90-minutes of instructor led programming that is centered around your child’s interests. We inspire children to feel like they are training to become a superhero, ninja, jedi, spy, professional athlete of nerf-nation master. Parties for 3 to 12 years old.



POW! Kids is Owned by Katalin, a mother-of-3. She knows how important it is to have activities scheduled on days when there is no school and how awesome it is to drop your kids off on a weekend to get of your own little free-time. We offer full day camps during federal holidays and week long fitness/sports camps during the summer. Our camps are active, highly-structured and intimate. Our events will give you chance to go out with friends, spouses or catch up on life. These are small groups and book quickly! So check out our dates.


Kids Martial Arts

Join us in West Loop for POW! Kids Martial Arts training, where we're offering everything from boxing and krav maga to Muay Thai and Tae Kwon Do!

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Kids Fitness and Boxing

From traditional boxing techniques to character development exercises, our Kids Fitness Classes in West Loop will help your child build lifelong habits of physical activity and discipline.

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2018 Summer Camps

Enjoy the best camps for any occasion at POW! Kids in West Loop. With single-day and weeklong camps all year long, we have exactly what your child is looking for!

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The Benefits Are Endless

Introduce Your Child To The Habits Of An Active Lifestyle

POW! Kids Confidence & Self-Esteem in West Loop - POW! Kids

Confidence & Self-Esteem

There is no better way to build confidence than through accomplishment. And that’s what our programs aim to achieve. We want to set your child up for success by showing them how much they can accomplish when they put their mind to it. That confidence will serve them for years to come.

POW! Kids Discipline & Self-Control in West Loop - POW! Kids

Discipline & Self-Control

With the help of a structured environment and programs designed to help students grow incrementally, we work hard to show your child the value of discipline and self-control. The two traits are pillars toward a successful life and we’re helping students learn them both through every day.

POW! Kids Self-Defense in West Loop - POW! Kids


Our Martial Arts training is rooted in the traditional disciplines of Judo and Muay Thai. But aside from the physical self-defense tools our students develop, they also learn an even more important skill: self-confidence. Your child will have to strength to back down a bully without ever having to lay hands on them.

POW! Kids New Friends & Mentors in West Loop - POW! Kids

New Friends & Mentors

We are a tight-knit community here at POW! Kids and we can’t wait for you to join the family. You’ll enjoy the support of the other parents around you and your child will be exposed to positive influences of all backgrounds and interests. We truly cherish every relationship we have ever grown.

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